Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accused of 'brazenly' disrespecting the Queen with Commonwealth comments

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of deliberately disrespecting the Queen with their recent remarks about the Commonwealth. 

The Duke and Duchess said it was vital for the Commonwealth - led by Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth II - to "acknowledge past wrongs" amid the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Royal commentator and author Robert Johnson says those comments were "disrespectful", hitting out at the couple with claims Meghan "doesn't understand the Commonwealth". 

"I think that to criticise the Queen's life work is disrespectful," Jobson told Kiwi newspaper editor Dan Wootton on his talkRADIO show. 

"I don't know who is pulling the strings but I have an idea here... to me, Meghan Markle doesn't understand the Commonwealth," Jobson continued. 

"Harry is frankly just picking bits out that he wants to. It's very easy to criticise something from a distance in a millionaire's mansion that has actually done a lot of good over the years." 

In what Wootton described a "brazen and outrageous attack" on the Commonwealth, Harry and Meghan said there was much more work to be done on addressing historical injustices and racial bias - adding that it would be "uncomfortable" at times. 

Jobson maintained that much had changed since the Queen inherited the role of head of the Commonwealth, claiming there had been "huge improvement and development". 

"I really do think that they should think very carefully before criticising and asking the British public to apologise again for our behaviour in the Commonwealth," he said. 

During his radio show, Wootton heard from more furious royalists who called for Harry and Meghan to be stripped of their Duke and Duchess titles, which they retained despite stepping down as senior members of the royal family earlier this year. 

One caller claimed Harry was "destroying everything that made him a success in the first place", claiming his relationships with his royal family members had disintegrated. 

Wootton agreed, speculating that Harry would be having "very limited conversations" with his family these days, dubbing the state of Harry and his brother Prince William's relationship "a tragedy".