'Proud as': Stan Walker's 8yo nephew plays a younger him in new video for 'Bigger'

Stan Walker says filming the music video for his new song 'Bigger' with his whānau at his marae in the Bay of Plenty was a "full circle moment" for him. 

In the video, provided to Newshub ahead of its Friday release, Walker enlists his 8-year-old nephew Carlos to play a younger version of himself. 

Walker says the lyrics of 'Bigger' - which will also be released in te reo Māori - talk about the "small beginnings" of his journey to who he is today. 

Watch the exclusive premiere of Stan Walker's new video for 'Bigger' below: 

"Looking back now, I'm so thankful for where I come from and who I come from. It made me who I am today and I'm proud as," he told The Project NZ last week. 

The video features sweeping shots of Walker's marae Tamapahore near Papamoa and a sequence of him performing atop his maunga - the same place he first started to hone his singing talents. 

"It's just so beautiful, eh. I used to sing on that same very hill as a seven-year-old and pretend I was singing to thousands of people and I get to live that dream now." 

The song was co-written with US singer-songwriter Parson James. According to a statement from Walker's record label Sony, the waiata aims to serve as a reminder to young Māori to "be proud of who they are, follow their hearts, take up space and reclaim their identity as future leaders, game-changers and change-makers".