Real-life hero Bridger Walker gets a message from his own hero Captain America

  • 17/07/2020

It's the story that's made headlines around the world.

Six-year-old Bridger Walker has been hailed a real-life hero after saving his four-year-old sister from a German shephard.

As the rogue dog made its way to his sister on the attack, Walker put himself in harms way to protect her, suffering severe injuries after being bitten. 

He underwent a two-hour surgery and required more than 90 stitches.

His family said that when asked why he had saved his sister, he replied: "If someone had to die, I thought it should be me."

He's hailed praise from celebrities and leaders alike from around the world. 

It's no secret to anyone who knows Walker that he's a big Avengers fan, and while he's had messages from the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, and Anne Hathaway, it was Chris Evans' message that put a smile on his face. 

So in true Captain America fashion, the actor recorded a heart-felt message to Walker, promising to send him his own shield. 

Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel film franchise, told him: "Pal, you're a hero."

Aziz Al Sa'afin wraps up the best of the internet. 

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