Rhys Darby shares Flight of the Conchords reunion snap with Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement

Rhys Darby has shared a snap with his Flight of the Conchords castmates Jemaine Clement and Bret Mckenzie in a bid to boost fan morale. 

The Kiwi comedian documented the trio's reunion in Wellington, where presumably the friends were holding an important band meeting. 

"Hello, from us three," Darby captioned the photo on Facebook. 

"We caught up the other night in Wellington. I thought I'd post this because it might just cheer up anyone out there who needs it! Stay safe, stay positive and hey: 2020 is halfway through!! We can do this!" 

It appears Darby's plan to lift spirits worked, with the post gaining over a thousand comments in the first two hours of appearing online. 

"I didn't know I needed a band meeting until I saw a band meeting. Thank you!" one fan wrote. 

"Definitely made me smile," said another. 

"Cool to see the dream team back together," offered a third, who also commented on the group's disheveled appearance, writing: "Not a hair brush and razor between the three of you!" 

Many fans referenced the trademark line "present!" used by Darby's band manager character to roll call at the start of every Flight of the Conchords band meeting. 

Amidst the throwbacks to the popular television show, there were multiple calls for the three actors to work together again on more comedy gold. 

Clement and McKenzie did get the band back together for a live HBO comedy special in 2018, but whether or not there's more on the way remains to be seen.