Seeing double: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern meets her impersonator

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made an appearance in one of her impersonator's TikTok videos.

Comedian Melanie Bracewell began posting her uncanny impressions of Ardern to video-sharing app TikTok during lockdown to entertain herself.  

She was inspired by online commentators who pointed out visual similarities between the two.

In a video posted on Friday night, Bracewell - dressed up as the Prime Minister - explains she has lots of fans who she "sometimes" likes to take selfies with.

Bracewell then strolls on up to the real Ardern and puts her arm around her, asking what her name was.

Ardern excitedly replies "Jacinda".

Bracewell uses a wig and makeup to enhance her similarities to Adern, and when the two are side by side grinning in front of the camera the likeness is clear.

Bracewell tells Ardern it's nice to meet her before walking away saying: "Anyway, that's enough."

The pair look just as thrilled to meet each other, but the real Ardern was the fan on this occasion. 

TikTok and Twitter users were impressed. 

"That's amazing, I can't even tell the difference," one user wrote.

"I laughed so hard when you told her 'that's enough' and she straight away backs up, this is the very best," wrote another.

It's not the first time Ardern has responded to Bracewell's impressions. In April, Ardern commented on Bracewell's Instagram page where she shared a TikTok video showing her applying makeup to transform into the Prime Minister.

"You've done my makeup better than I do," Ardern commented.

Bracewell has a number of photos and videos impersonating Ardern across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.