Sobbing Kanye West reveals he 'nearly killed his daughter' in hysterical anti-abortion rant at presidential rally

Kanye West sobbed while declaring he "nearly killed his daughter" in an anti-abortion rant at his first presidental rally in South Carolina. 

West donned a bullet proof vest and had '2020' shaved into his head for his speech, in which he recalled finding out that Kim Kardashian was pregnant and considering an abortion. 

The 'Fade' rapper said Kardashian was crying on the phone when she told him the news, and shortly after he had a message from god via his laptop.

"Everything on my computer went black and white," he said. 

"God said 'if you f**k with my vision I'm gonna f**k with yours'." 

West said Kardashian then called back and said "we're gonna have this child". The father of four continued that his wife "might divorce him after this speech", adding, "but she brought North into this world when I didn't want to". 

The Grammy winner then broke down in tears, screaming that his mother saved his life because "his dad wanted to abort him". 

"I almost killed my daughter," he cried - a statement which he repeated several times. 

West added that abortion "should always be legal" but that "the option of "maximum increase should be available". 

"Maximum increase being...everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something." 

West invited people from the crowd at the rally up on stage to speak to him, but at one point responded to an audience member who interrupted: "I will let you know when I'm finished with my thoughts." 

West told the crowd, "We are all God's people - there's no bad people, there are lost people," adding: "I don't care if you're black, white, yellow or purple!" 

Many of West's supporters were not wearing masks, despite a stipulation on the event invitation that stated all guests should have face coverings and observe social distancing rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic.