Superheroes descend on Christchurch for Armageddon expo

Thousands of superheroes descended on Christchurch at Armageddon this Saturday, the first large expo to be held in New Zealand post-COVID-19.

So Newshub went along to see if any characters had the answer to how the world should be warding off the pandemic.

Stormtroopers, superheroes and Jamie Oliver - a collection of impressive attendees at Christchurch's Armageddon expo.

It's the first large expo held in New Zealand since COVID-19 spread through the world.

"It was a roll of the dice as to whether we were going to be ok to do this or not so there was a bit of risk involved but it seemed to have paid off," says event organiser Bill Geradts

Over 7000 people turned up. It's a room full of geeks - geeks willing to part with big cash to look the part. One Darth Vader outfit came with an eye-watering cost.

"It's come in so far at $14,000 and still going," the Sith lord told Newshub.

Yes, you heard right - $14,000. Even Red Sonya's metal bikini cost a grand. But Optimus Prime was a bit more industrious.

"I made it at home because I was bored," he told Newshub.

COVID-19 meant things were done slightly differently this year. Celebrity guests would usually fly in but this year they were beamed in online.

All attendees were contact-traced and thermal imaging assessed every single person's temperature.

"I mean you don't want a COVID outbreak in a place called Armageddon," Geradts says.

And on that note, Newshub wanted to know how, if left in the hands of these characters, would they ward off a global pandemic.

"People who will not stay home, will answer to me," Darth Vader said.

"Nice healthy food which can boost people's immune systems," was Jamie Oliver's advice.

And at least many were naturally protected.

"I have the advantage of having a mask already," Optimus Prime said.

And a good dose of escapism from the real world which we all need right now.