The Comey Rule trailer shows off Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump

A trailer has been released in the US for an upcoming TV show that focuses on the early days of Donald Trump's presidency and his controversial relationship with James Comey.

The Comey Rule stars Brendan Gleeson as the US president and Jeff Daniels as the former director of the FBI.

"I need loyalty," Trump tersely tells Comey in the clip, released by US network Showtime.

"Why are there four guys with ties to Russia on one campaign?" asks Comey in the trailer.

"I have looked at this from every angle. They're all terrible."

Among the US media outlets that have published the trailer is right-wing network Fox News, where commenters expressed displeasure.

"Wretched movie produced by wretched liberal goofballs," commented one person.

"I'm amazed at the anti-Trump propaganda that's constantly pushed out. It's literally like we're one step away from being China," added another.

Fox News commenters chime in on Showtime trailer for The Comey Rule.
Photo credit: Fox News

Showtime describes the show as an "insider’s journey down the corridors of power, where decision-makers struggle to apply old norms to a dramatic new paradigm in the face of Russia's deep and unprecedented penetration into American politics".

The Comey Rule will premiere in the US on September 27.