Tom Sainsbury's 'Simon Bridges' bids excited farewell to Todd Muller as National leader

Todd Muller's shock resignation as leader of the National Party has been seized upon by comedian Tom Sainsbury impersonating an extremely satisfied Simon Bridges.

In a new video posted to Sainsbury's social media accounts, he reprises his role as Bridges to deliver a brutal acrostic poem about Muller and declares he's "excited by what this means".

In a statement on Tuesday morning, Muller said "it has become clear to me that I am not the best person to be Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the New Zealand National Party at this critical time for New Zealand".

Muller became the party's leader on May 22 after he rolled Simon Bridges.

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"Well, well, well, have I got an acrostic poem for you," Sainbury says in his latest video, affecting a thick Kiwi accent reminiscent of Bridges, before launching into the poem, as follows: 

T: Tough guy

O: Oops

D: Didn't have what it takes

D: Dropped out

He then says "well" several times while broadly beaming.

"Everyone thought 'oh it's so easy, Simon's just botching up such an easy job'. Well, now what are they thinking. 'Oh we wish Simon was back!' but I've stepped away," he continues.

"I'm just focusing on my social media presence, that's all I'm - and my family, of course. And my constituency of Tauranga."

He also says he's been visiting every fish and chip shop in Tauranga but denies that he's doing so only to score free fish and chips.

Sainsbury's Bridges finishes the video saying: "Anyway, I'm excited about what this means. I just hope that this isn't Judy's time to shine. I think we can all agree on that." 

When Paula Bennett quit the National Party after being rolled as deputy leader by Muller, she danced with Sainsbury in a video he made to mark the occasion.

"F you to the National Party," he said in that one, while impersonating Bennett - an act Newshub's political editor Tova O'Brien described as "an almighty dig" at the new leadership.

The National Party caucus have agreed to meet tonight to discuss the way forward, Senior Whip Barbara Kuriger told media.

Nikki Kaye, who was Muller's deputy, is currently the acting party leader.