Benee's new song 'Snail' written while still 'loopy from lockdown'

Benee has explained the inspiration for her new single 'Snail', which she says was written while she was still "loopy from [COVID-19] lockdown". 

"I made it recently with Josh Fountain and we made it as soon as we had come out of lockdown, which was actually maybe a month ago now, I think," the 20-year-old told Lane Lowe in an Apple Music interview. 

"Luckily, we could get back into the studio and I was still in my lockdown mode, and I wrote about me being a snail." 

'Snail' comes off the back of the success of tracks like 'Glitter' and 'Supalonely', which both blew up on TikTok and lead to performances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show - filmed in the relative safety of New Zealand. 

Having to put live shows and overseas appearances on hold due to COVID-19 while on the brink of superstardom, Benee's latest lyrics have been coloured by the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I was writing it like I was in lockdown looking at this little snail having a good old time, being free, doing its own little thing, like, 'Come join me in the rain', she explained. 

"[It] really was just me writing nonsense and also still kind of a bit loopy from lockdown."

Benee also credits her time stuck at home for helping her finish her forthcoming album so quickly, when she would have otherwise been touring all year.

With restrictions on concerts now a thing of the past in Aotearoa, Benee will embark on a four date national tour in October, which sees her play two shows at Auckland's Spark Arena.