Cardi B insists she 'didn't know' about racial slur she used to describe daughter's eyes

Cardi B has insisted she wasn't aware of the racial slur she used when talking about her daughter's eyes in an Instagram comment in July. 

In an interview with Elle magazine for the September issue, the rapper addresses the fallout from a since-deleted social media post in which she describes her two-year-old's eyes as "ch**ky". 

The comment immediately drew backlash from fans who were outraged at her use of the racist term, particularly during a time of increased racism against Asian people during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 'Money' hitmaker responded in her recent Elle interview in much the same way she did on Twitter last month, when she wrote "WTF I don't know f**king everything! We don't use that as an insult... I'm sick of the internet". 

When asked about the situation again, Cardi B responded that she now "didn't know how to describe her husband and daughter's eyes" because that's the word she used to use. 

"I don’t even know the word. That they're almond shaped? But it's like, I never knew that," she told Elle

"And for people to be like, 'She's using a racial slur. She's disgusting.' It's like, 'Bro, I didn't even know that was a racial slur... I didn't say it... with no bad ill intention.'" 

Cardi B's recently-released 'WAP' music video has grabbed headlines for his explicit lyrics - which have been condemned by several right-wing politicians and commentators, whil its use of green-screened big cats was slammed by Tiger King star Carol Baskin as being irresponsible.

Meanwhile, others are incensed by the inclusion of Kylie Jenner as a cameo in the clip - which features several black female celebrities - as she has often been accused of appropriating black culture.