Cardi B says 'of course' she doesn't want 2yo daughter listening to 'WAP'

Cardi B has confirmed she wouldn't want her toddler listening to her new explicit single 'WAP', but says she grew up listening to similar songs. 

The X-rated track has been upheld as an anthem for female empowerment by some and condemned for its graphic sexual lyrics by others, and while the rapper is enjoying the success of the single, she agrees it's not for kids. 

"Of course I don't want my child to listen to the song," she said, referring to her 2-year-old daughter Kulture. "But it's like, it's for adults!" 

'WAP' debuted at number one on the Billboard charts and broke streaming records in its first week, which Cardi B argues shows that people aren't shying away from its subject matter. 

"It's what people want to hear. If people didn't want to hear it, if they were so afraid to hear it, it wouldn't be doing so good," she said. 

The Grammy winner acknowledged the conservative pundits and "really religious people" who had been offended by her song, but explained that she had been hearing lyrics of a similar nature her whole life. 

"My thing is... I grew up listening to this type of music. To other people, it might be vulgar, but to me, it's almost really normal," she said. 

It's not just children Cardi B doesn't want to tune in though - last week she jokingly threatened to "call the FBI" on a group of young Trump supporters who used the song in a video of their Trump 2020 Boat Party on Instagram. 

"Wasn't republican conservative throwing a little fit bout this song?" she questioned, referring to right-wing commentator Ben Shaprio's widely ridiculed criticism of the track's lyrics.