Edge hosts test Ashley Bloomfield's claim COVID-19 test hurts less than fizzy drink up your nose

Three of The Edge radio hosts have poured fizzy drink up their noses in a bid to check out Ashley Bloomfield's claims around how it feels to get a COVID-19 test. 

Dom Harvey, Megan Mansell and Clinton Randell from the Edge's breakfast show were inspired by the Director-General of Health's remarks, which he made immediately after being swabbed for coronavirus. He said it was "not painful, and way less uncomfortable than when fizzy drink goes up the back of your nose". 

In a clip uploaded to the breakfast show's Facebook page, the three broadcasters all spluttered and coughed as they leaned back and had soda poured into their noses. 

"That was really unpleasant," Harvey told listeners. "As [Bloomfield] said, a COVID test is way less uncomfortable." 

Mansell said the experience felt similar to "diving off a cliff" and having water shoot up your nose, while Randell agreed the experiment was "not fun". 

"If you've got any symptoms, don't be a little p***y, go and get the test done," Harvey said. 

"Together we can beat this." 

Bloomfield also compared the discomfort of a COVID-19 test to tackling Billy Weepu on the rugby field last month in the annual parliamentary rugby match. 

"It was much less painful," Bloomfield said. 

"I've still got the bruise to show for that."