Elton John fan told to sign confidentiality agreement if he wants refund for concert tickets

Elton John is still due to return in 2021 to finish off a concert he was too sick to complete in February.

However one concertgoer was told he had to sign a confidentiality agreement before he could receive a partial refund.

Elton John, the true professional he is, stood to thank his audience with a final bow in 2020, clearly upset he was too sick to carry on.

Paramedics escorted him off the stage as the audience realised his Yellow Brick Road tour had come to an end in New Zealand.

Michael Batty was among the thousands of concert-goers at Mt Smart in February.

But when it suddenly ended an hour early he realised the $1000 he and his friends paid for tickets hadn't entirely been worth it.

"I just don't feel like we received a show that we had seen a 150 times before us or that we paid for," he told Newshub.

Chugg Entertainment, which organised the show, couldn't be reached for comment. But at the time it said it wouldn't partially refund tickets - despite Consumer NZ saying ticket holders were entitled to a portion of their money back.

However after several phone calls and conversations with the company they agreed to pay out Batty his partial refund. 

"They agreed that a settlement was due under the provisor we signed a confidentiality agreement so we could receive those funds. I declined that on the basis that I was to receive it then."

Last week after a battle in the Disputes Tribunal he was refunded $470.

"If I'm entitled to a refund then those other 35,000 people are entitled to a refund," he says.

So if you're one of those fans wanting a refund - you can either sign a confidentiality agreement with Chugg Entertainment and get paid out quietly or go through the Disputes Tribunal and sing it to the world.