Jason Derulo appears to smash Will Smith's front teeth out in golfing video

Jason Derulo appears to break several of Will Smith's front teeth in what looks to be a carefully orchestrated prank video for social media. 

In the clip shared to both of the star's Instagram pages, Smith instructs Derulo on his golf swing before taking the full force of the club in his face. After dramatically clutching his mouth and howling in pain, the Hollywood actor bares his teeth to reveal the damage. 

Smith then gets his revenge on the 'Savage Love' singer by whacking him in the leg with his own club. 

"And we never saw Jason Derulo again..." Smith captioned the clip on his social media, prompting Derulo to reply: "I know a good dentist... text me back." 

The pair also shared a selfie together in which Smith is "embracing his new smile", according to Derulo, but some fans remained concerned. 

"Please don't tell me it's real. Please," one Instagram user commented. 

"I flinched so hard," said another. 

It's not the first time Derulo has duped his followers with a missing teeth gag - in May, the pop star appeared to lose his front teeth while attempting to eat corn off a power drill for a TikTok prank.