Kath and Kim star Magda Szubanski harassed by conspiracy theorists for starring in safety ad

Kath and Kim actor Magda Szubanski has become the target of COVID-19 conspiracy theorists after she wrote and starred in a safety advertisement encouraging Victorians to abide by coronavirus lockdown rules. 

Szubanski reprised her iconic role of netball-loving Sharon Strzelecki for a video message encouraging her fellow Australians to keep up their efforts to contain the deadly virus. 

"The sooner we obey the rules, the sooner this will all be over and we can get back to the stuff that matters - netty," Szubanski's Sharon says in the campaign, sporting her trademark netball uniform. 

The actor has since copped a wave of backlash that has seen COVID-19 conspiracists visit her home and drop a leaflet about "masks scams" in her letterbox. 

"So someone popped this in my letterbox," she captioned a Twitter image of the brochure, which refers to "virus lies and government conspiracies". 

"Also that of my neighbour who lost his father to COVID. His father was only in his early seventies and had a lot more life to live," Szubanski continued. 

"For avowed free thinkers, the Covid deniers use the same herd speak - Deep State, Plandemic, hoax and conspiracy." 

The actor was also accused of peddling her own political and personal interests by appearing in the campaign - authorised by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews - and some online commentators cast suspicions on her choice to donate her $2000 paycheck to charity. 

"Troll me much as you like I am NEVAH gonna close my Twitter account," Szubanski tweeted. 

"Bring it COVID deniers - let's see what you got. Let's bring you right out into the sunshine. Let's see your real names. And your real facts. Let's see the whites of your eyes." 

Many Twitter users came to the defence of both Szubanski and her safety video, decrying those who are targeting her. 

"Some trolls are attacking the absolutely wonderful @MagdaSzubanski for her delightful ad as Sharon playing netty, reminding Victorians to do the right thing and follow the rules. Why would you do this?! Magda is a national treasure," one user wrote. 

For her part, Szubanksi said she didn't care about being attacked, and just wanted to help keep people safe, but she want to make it clear her motivation for being a part of the Victorian government's campaign was not political. 

"I would have done this ad for whichever party was in power - Liberal Party, National Party or any party that asked me to convey a sensible, science-based public health message," she tweeted. 

The comedian and writer also responded to a tweet from someone angry at Andrews' "condescending script" for the video, who claimed Szubanski had simply "read a script with good intentions". 

"Appreciate the gesture but actually I WROTE the script. And I stand by every word of it," Szubanski replied. 

"And if your side was in govt and you asked me to do a science-based public health message I would not hesitate to help you. This is not about politics. Not for me. It's about being of service." 

Other well-known Victorians who also took part in the campaign include comedians Shane Jacobson and Nazeem Hussain, football star Tayla Harris and TV presenter Waleed Aly.