Meghan Markle was fake kidnapped in 'intense' SAS hostage training before royal wedding, biography claims

Meghan Markle allegedly took part in a "gruelling" two-day SAS training course to help prepare her for kidnapping and hostage situations before her royal wedding to Prince Harry, a biography on the couple claims.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, authors of the headline-grabbing book Finding Freedom, claim the former Suits actress was the subject of a "staged kidnapping" in which a 'terrorist' bundled her into a car before she was 'saved' by officers firing fake guns. 

"Meghan was taught to develop a relationship with the enemy. She was also instructed on how to drive a car while in pursuit," the biography states. 

According to Hello magazine, all royals apart from the Queen have completed the course, including Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who did so after her marriage to Prince William. Meghan, however, was made to participate earlier, as she and Harry received an "unusually high number of threats," per Finding Freedom

Harry reportedly took part in the course at the age of 16, where he learned how to handle a submachine gun. The Sun reports the exercises are designed to "frighten the life out of anyone," according to former Army intelligence officer Gerald Moor.