Melanie Bracewell on life as Jacinda Ardern

Comedian Melanie Bracewell is no stranger to the limelight, having spent countless hours on stage at late-night stand-up gigs, to entertaining audiences on Seven Days. 

The young comedian has an impressive resume, including winning the ‘world-famous-in-New Zealand’ Billy T Award in 2018, as well as writing for Wellington Paranormal and fronting on Have You Been Paying Attention.

But it’s not her notable achievements that have found Melanie Bracewell making international headlines, rather her uncanny resemblance to our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. 

Having noticed a growing number of commenters pointing out the similarity on her popular Tik Tok channel, Mealnie decided to throw on a brunette wig and attempted a light-hearted impersonation for her social media fans. 

Before she knew it, the Prime Minister had commented on the young comedian's post, saying “you do my makeup better than I do.” 

Since being recognised by the PM, Melanie found herself at a Labour party event delivering a rehearsed skit with Jacinda Ardern, as well as making headlines across the globe for her astonishing resemblance. 

Watch Melanie sit down with Newshub and tell the extraordinary story behind our Prime Minister’s doppelganger.