'Punched the crap out of him': R Kelly attacked by fellow inmate in jail - report

Disgraced singer R Kelly has reportedly been assaulted by another inmate who jumped into his cell at Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

Celebrity gossip website TMZ reports federal law enforcement sources detailed the attack, in which a fellow prisoner "punched the crap" out of the singer as he was sitting on his bed. 

The "frustrated" inmate was said to be angry about the detention centre being placed on lockdown due to Kelly protesters gathering outside on several occasions. 

Kelly, who is awaiting trial on a series of child sex abuse charges and other felonies, was allegedly checked over by a doctor who deemed he had no serious injuries. 

A Federal Bureau Of Prisons spokesperson told TMZ they were unable to comment on the 'I Believe I Can Fly' singer's status due to privacy and safety reasons. Kelly's attorney also declined to comment, but insisted his client had been a "model inmate". 

Last year, TMZ reported that the Cook County Jail that Kelly initially turned himself in at was forced to come to a standstill and cease the movements of over 6000 inmates whenever Kelly moved through the facility to meet visitors.