Review: Unhinged's brutal violence not for faint of heart

Unhinged has just hit cinemas and if Russell Crowe as a very, very bad man appeals, then this thriller may do the trick - providing you're not faint of heart.

If honking your horn and maybe on a really bad day some R-rated hand gesticulation is your idea of road rage, welcome to Russell Crowe's new educational video on defensive driving. Buckle up your seatbelts, this is Unhinged.

Crowe plays a man with some anger management issues, and for struggling solo mother Rachel rushing to get her boy to school on time while navigating divorce proceedings and work stresses, the very last thing she needs is Russell Crowe. 

Driving the narrative alongside Crowe is up-and-coming Kiwi actor Caren Pistorius as Rachel and she delivers a cracking performance as her day goes from running late to running for her life in one left turn.

The ramping up of tension right from the opening credits, a stress all city commuters can relate to, is just nail-bitingly excellent. When things veer off into a relentlessly murderous rampage, you'll either want to stay behind the wheel or commando roll out the passenger door at the next slow corner.

Either way - you can't say I didn't warn you!

Look, my tolerance for on-screen violence has certainly increased over many years of high exposure - John Wick I'm looking at you - but beware the sudden shocking explosions of brutality here won't be for everyone and will either add or substantially detract from the viewing experience.