Shocking footage shows Delta Goodrem forced to learn how to speak again after post-surgery paralysis

Delta Goodrem has shared the story behind her song 'Paralyzed' with a video that shows her battle to learn to speak again after post-surgery complications in 2018. 

The footage shows the tearful singer going through a year of rehabilitation to regain control of her speech after a procedure to remove a salivary gland left a nerve in her tongue paralysed. 

"I wanted to share my story and say why I hadn't had music out for so long," Goodrem says at the start of the clip. 

The subsequent footage shows a shocking change to Goodrem's speech, as she grapples with not knowing when or if she'll ever fully recover. 

"I am super embarrassed, I don't want to go out," Goodrem tells the camera through tears. 

"Just trying to stay positive. My livelihood is my sound. I'm trying to decide if this is getting any better - doesn't feel like it."

The clip documents Goodrem's daily speech therapy and exercises, which get her to a point where she can start writing her sixth album, which she completed while in recovery. 

"You never know what someone is going through and this is an extremely hard time for people," Goodrem wrote in the caption. 

"So I send this story to you with the message of hope and love." 

Goodrem's Bridge Over Troubled Dreams tour is set to come to New Zealand for three shows in April next year.