Stylist to the stars blasts worst celebrities to work with and raves about the 'sweetest'

 Stylist to the stars blasts worst celebrities to work with and raves about the 'sweetest'
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A celebrity stylist has taken to TikTok to share the names of the best and worst celebrities she's ever worked with. 

The social media user, who goes by Tamaran, got candid about some of the biggest names in Hollywood, dubbing Jessica Alba "not nice" and claiming people who fit J-Lo for her outfits are not allowed to look at her. 

In her videos, Tamaran also praises Selena Gomez as "one of the most professional beings in the industry" and Carrie Underwood as "the sweetest person on the planet". 

The TikTok user, who has over 74,000 followers, went into details about working with several celebrities who left her unimpressed, including Marissa Tomei, who she said made her and her boss wait three hours while she slept in. 

"Marissa decides to finally wake up at 12.30pm," Tamaran said, adding that she then "barely said hello" and ate her breakfast in front of them. 

"[She] was extremely particular, a lot of things had to be returned," she added, giving Tomei a 'rating' of 5/10.  

Tamaran also blasted one of the stars of Pitch Perfect, Alexis Knapp, who she claimed insisted on eating a chocolate ice cream cake during a red carpet fitting. 

"Part of the cake melted onto the dress, and guess who had to clean it?" Tamaran said. 

The stylist went on to imply that Knapp had kept US$1300 worth of jewellery she had been loaned, saying "let's just say that she 'couldn't find it'." 

Tamaran also indulged in some industry gossip, claiming friends of hers that had worked with Katherine Heigl called her "extremely difficult and always mad". 

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba gets a bad rap for "rubbing hummus on her dress, playing mind games" and talking to stylists without looking them in the eye.