'This is wrong on so many levels': Pebbles Hooper and Max Key match on Tinder

  • 11/08/2020

Social media provocateur Pebbles Hooper and aspiring DJ Max Key could be about to become Aotearoa's most unlikely romantic pairing after they matched on the dating app Tinder on Monday. 

Hooper shared a screenshot of her first interaction with the son of former Prime Minister John Key, captioning the image: "Looks like me and Max Key are getting married". 

According to the screenshot, Key made the first move, telling Hooper: "This is wrong on so many levels," to which she replied: "The portal to hell has finally been opened." 

Hooper had already shared with her Twitter followers that Key was apparently single and looking, along with screenshots of his Tinder profile. 

The former gossip columnist demonstrated her anguish at not having matched with Key using a gif of a crying Leonardo DiCaprio when asked by a fellow Twitter user. 

Whether or not the profile for Key is legitimate has not yet been confirmed. Last month, Key reportedly bought a $1.4 million Mt Albert villa with the help of his parents and his then-girlfriend by his side at the auction. 

Meanwhile, Hooper is facing a range of charges related to her social media posts, including accusations she breached the Harmful Digital Communications Act with her remarks about influencers Richie Hardcore and Simone Anderson. 

Hooper has pleaded not guilty to a total of four charges against her and is expected to appear in Auckland District Court later this year for a case review hearing.