'Where are all those haters?': Robert Pattinson in The Batman trailer draws praise, converts naysayers

The first proper look at Robert Pattinson's portrayal of Batman has prompted a wave of praise and converted some naysayers who felt the former Twilight star wasn't up to the iconic role.

News of Pattinson's casting sent DC Comics fans into a frenzy last May, but apart from a fleeting teaser clip of the new batsuit released earlier this year, audiences haven't had much to go on. 

With the release of the first official trailer for director Matt Reeves' reboot of The Batman comes the opportunity for fans to finally lay down some judgement about Pattinson's take on the Caped Crusader. 

The YouTube comments section of the trailer on The DC FanDome are overwhelmingly in praise of Pattinson, with one user challenging "where are all those haters who said Pattinson won't give justice to this role? He nailed it". 

"This looks way more promising than what they did with Ben Affleck, Battinson is gonna rock," said another. 

"Soooo, suddenly everyone stopped bitching about Robert Pattison as the Bat? I knew it's going to be cool AF," wrote a third. 

Many fans were delighted by the response delivered by the new Batman when asked: "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" to which the superhero replied: "I'm vengeance". 

Another wave of reactions focused on a shot of Pattinson without the Batman mask on, showing him with tousled hair and dark eye makeup. 

"Robert Pattinson with eyeliner now lives in my head rent-free," one Twitter user wrote. "All I have to say is... welcome home." 

"Robert Pattinson looking like a goth pretty boy who listens to MCR (My Chemical Romance) and has perfected the smokey eye look is the exactly the kind of Batman I've been waiting for my entire life," said another. 

Meanwhile, some fans remained unconvinced that Pattinson was the right man for the job, with many claiming he is "too skinny". 

"Batman is supposed to be tough, Pattinson can't pull that off," one wrote on Twitter.

"The Batman looks interesting but I have to say I still think Pattinson is a terrible casting," said another. 

A third wondered why Batman "looked like a dirty Victorian youth" in the trailer. 

But Pattinson is unlikely to be rattled by body-shamers, having admitted in an interview with GQ earlier this year he had been ignoring the pleas of the personal trainer hired by the film's production team to keep him working out during lockdown. 

"I'm doing barely anything," Pattinson confessed, adding that he felt "if you're working out all of the time, you're part of the problem". 

"You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the '70s. Even James Dean - he wasn't exactly ripped."

The Batman is scheduled to hit cinemas in October next year.