'A love letter to Aotearoa': Netsky's video for 'Mixed Emotions' with Montell2099 stars everyday Kiwis

Internationally renowned DJ Netsky's latest music video showcases the scenery and people of New Zealand in what he calls "a love letter to Aotearoa". 

The Belgian beatmaker's collaboration with Kiwi DJ Montell2009 is entitled 'Mixed Emotions', and features sweeping shots of locations like Katikati, Queenstown, Coromandel and Auckland, as well as Ngai Te Rangi and Te Rereatukahia Marae. 

"I've considered New Zealand as a second home for a long time now. I'm eternally grateful for the memories this country and its people have given me," said Netsky on social media. 

"It felt natural to express my love for the country showcasing its natural beauty and the people who inspired Montell and I to write this song."

Netsky worked with a team that included Montell2099 and George FM host Kara Rickard, who helped consult on how best to present various elements of New Zealand. 

"You helped a lot with the video and I wanna show my appreciation for that and thank you for that," Netsky told Kara during an interview on George FM. 

"I needed some help from somebody who can showcase how to talk about NZ and talk about Māori culture." 

Rickard herself features in the video, along with fellow George FM hosts General Lee, Sin Howard and Brook Gibson. They're a few of the many Kiwis starring in the clip, which also includes Montell2099's grandmother. 

Netsky, who has played several shows in New Zealand over the last decade, said finally seeing the finished video "made him smile". 

"It's just nice to think back, and to look forward to being back in NZ, because I do miss it a lot, for sure," he said. 

Asked if he would be willing to quarantine in order to play some "surprise festivals" for New Zealand audiences, Netsky said he'd "do it tomorrow". 

"I'm down to do the 14 days. That's not even a question, I'll do it, no problem," he said - but added that everyone was still waiting to see what the fate of summer festivals would be amid the COVID-19 pandemic.