Amanda Gillies reveals 'abuse' that gets sent to her and who she leans on for support

Amanda Gillies has revealed the personal abuse she gets sent being a TV presenter and the role her mum plays in lifting her back up.

On Thursday's The AM Show, Gillies opened up about some of the messages she's received.

"People tell me I need to shave my moustache, or whatever," she said.

During Wednesday's show, she received a private Facebook message from someone unknown to her, Gillies said.

"I've never seen or heard from her before and she wrote to me, at 7:44am yesterday, 'Your boobs are on your waist, please lift them'."

Gillies took a screenshot of the message and posted it in her family group chat.

"My family was aghast," she said.

But it was a message Gillies was sent on Thursday morning that lifted her spirits.

"My mother sent me a message this morning; 'Good morning, boobs looking perky today'.

"So, thank you, Betty, you make me feel so much better. She's the best mum.

"She kind of makes a joke of it and makes you loved and feel wanted."

Gillies' co-host Mark Richardson has also previously revealed instances of being abused online. While he no longer uses social media, he gave examples of what he'd experienced.

"I can remember tabling an opinion on this show which a lot of people strongly disagreed with - I had every right to table the opinion and people had every right to disagree with that opinion," he told viewers in March. "I was getting inundated with online messages.

"The amount of abuse from so-called 'good people' coming my way and then copying me in on their conversations about me so I could see it - was nothing short of cyberbullying."

During the same show, host Duncan Garner revealed he no longer uses social media.

"I don't do anything on it, I don't even look at it. My mental health - I'm a much better, happier person as a result," he added.

According to the 2015 Harmful Digital Communications Act, it's an offence to send messages and post material online that intentionally causes serious emotional distress.