Black Lives Matter dance routine on Britain's Got Talent receives over a thousand complaints

Black Lives Matter dance routine on Britain's Got Talent receives over a thousand complaints
Photo credit: ITV

A Black Lives Matter inspired dance routine on Britain's Got Talent received over a thousand broadcasting complaints to the UK's Office of Communications (OfCom). 

Dance troupe Diversity took a knee while a voice over narration said "black lives matter" and "I can't breathe" during the performance that saw them depict police brutality and rioting. 

According to the Daily Mail, OfCom confirmed it received 1,121 complaints, "most of which were in relation to the Diversity performance". 

OfCom said they were still assessing the complaints against their broadcasting rules, and had not yet decided whether to investigate. 

The routine featured a poem called The Great Realisation by Kiwi-born Welsh poet Tomfoolery, which imagines a brighter future once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

At one stage, lead dancer Ashley Banjo illustrated Floyd's death while in police custody by laying down on the stage while a white police officer restrained him and other dancers portrayed onlookers taking photos. 

The routine drew mixed responses from social media users, many of whom expressed their outrage on Twitter, with one calling the performance "disgraceful". 

"Make political statements elsewhere not on a family TV show." 

Another said Britain's Got Talent was the "wrong time and place" for the dance, adding "BGT should be a lovely entertainment show not political. I had thoroughly enjoyed the show and forgot the troubles of the world and then thud!" 

Several online commentators said they had switched the television off during the routine. 

Meanwhile, many viewers praised the prime time performance as "powerful" and "moving". 

"What an incredible performance from Diversity - a really brave and meaningful way to keep the message out there!" one tweet reads. 

"Damn! Diversity on BGT last night was the best thing I've ever seen, was so moving and put their story across brilliantly. Brought a tear to the eye! Amazing!" said another.