Electronic duo Jupiter Project pledge profits from new single Stand to KidsCan and Black Lives Matter

As Kiwi music artists turn to new ways to connect with their audiences, one electronic duo is doing their bit to make a social difference too.

Jupiter Project has pledged all streaming profits from their latest single to two very worthy causes amid COVID-19. 

Amid a year like no other - a global pandemic keeping the world locked down has given time for many, to realise what matters most. 

New Zealand music duo Jupiter Project are among those lending their voices to important causes while trying to keep up their livelihood despite restrictions. 

Their new single 'Stand' was released on Friday, and they're pledging a 50/50 split of all streaming profits to the Black Lives Matter organisation in the US and local charity KidsCan. 

"I think anything that we can do as entertainers and as creators to provide value to people's lives is really important to us," Gavin Correia told Newshub. 

He and Marty Rich should have been touring Europe this year, entertaining fun-loving crowds with their upbeat, electronic sounds.

"We held out hope for a while, but we ended up staying home, obviously, and doing a lot of work here," Rich explained. 

Staying at home in Auckland thinking about how to engage with fans while making a difference. 

"There's a lot of uncertainty in the industry with getting people together cos it's important to keep people safe, but what we can do is actually just keep reaching out to people and connecting with people."

"You can listen to the song, and you're actually doing something to help at the same time." 

Supporting more than 40,000 Kiwi children a year, KidsCan has seen first hand the economic blow of COVID-19. As job cuts hit hard, the charity reported a 40 percent increase on food distribution from term 2. 

KidsCan CEO Julie Chapman says any donations are vital right now. 

"We've heard from our schools that there are a lot of families that have been made redundant or they've lost their jobs and this is putting pressure on them to be able to provide the basics for them and their children." 

For Jupiter Project, the opportunity to create a track reminding people, whatever you can do, it's going to be worth it

"We want to show people that the little things matter in life." 

A gesture they hope will inspire others to do the same.