Hope for event organisers with move to level 1 on cards

With a move to level 1 for everywhere outside of Auckland on the cards for Monday there's relief for organisers of January's Bay Dreams festival.

"It's a really good feeling to be honest because a lot of planning goes into this and we just want to see these shows go ahead and now we can do so confidently," says Audiology Touring director Mitch Lowe.

"And it obviously gives us more confidence in summer which is the big beast with all the major festivals as well." 

Christchurch's Cup Day's just seven weeks away. Plans are still on track for the events go ahead with thousands in the crowd.

"Tickets went on sale last week and we've already sold 1000 in Lindauer lawn and general admission," says Addington Raceway CEO Brian Thompson.

"Look, the daffodils are bulbing at the moment and shooting out and the nor'westers started today so [it's] definitely springtime and definitely ready for Canterbury to celebrate."

Dunedin theatre producer Doug Kamo is cautiously optimistic about the South moving to level 1.

In Dunedin two local societies have joined forces to stage a 'Highlights' show next month at the Regent Theatre.

Both are hoping to recoup the tens of thousands of dollars lost due to cancelled shows.

"For us, we haven't been able to get going, no different to the events sector, the conference sector - all of those sectors have found it really tough because of the level 2 restrictions so for us to get going is really really important," Kamo says.

Rehearsals on track, the stage set - everyone now hoping COVID doesn't come back to play its part.