'I'm a really good driver stoned': Tiki Taane says cannabis produces minimal harm

Tiki Taane has claimed to be "a really good driver" while high on cannabis during an interview with pro-legalisation campaigner and Instagram influencer Stephen McDowell. 

"I'm safer, more courteous, more chilled, there's no road rage," the Kiwi musician insisted in the clip posted to McDowell's 'Buzzy Kiwi' social media channels ahead of the upcoming cannabis referendum in New Zealand. 

Taane said in his experience, "the harms for cannabis are super low", stating that he'd much prefer to get in a car with someone who's "stoned" rather than someone who's drunk or has been smoking P. 

"I guarantee that. A stoner will get me home, we might have to stop at KFC or McDonalds on the way, but we'll get home safe and sound." 

The former Salmonella Dub member claimed that misinformation had meant people were lumping cannabis in with alcohol and other drugs. 

"You cannot tag the two together," Taane said. 

When asked to name some of the harms he associated with cannabis use, the 'Always On My Mind' hitmaker offered "wetting your pants from laughing too much" and "eating the kid's school lunch" due to "the munchies". 

"There's no evidence of anyone on the planet who has overdosed from cannabis," he added. 

Taane said he began smoking weed at 13 years old, before moving on to growing his own and selling it at the age of 14, which helped fund his first band. 

The now 43-year-old musician said he wasn't surprised that older people were likely to vote against the legalisation of cannabis in Aotearoa, saying it "wasn't their fault" because they had been "brainwashed by anti-cannabis propaganda". 

"But they've got to remember man, all the music that they love, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys - [they were] all really high on cannabis."