Jacinda Ardern reveals her 'unusual' cartoon crush: Deadpool

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confessed which cartoon she has a crush on during her appearance on RNZ's Elevator Pitch series. 

Ardern revealed she had a soft spot for the Marvel Comics character Deadpool after being asked by journalist Charlotte Cook, admitting that the choice was "a little unusual". 

Deadpool first appeared in an X-Men spin-off comic called The New Mutants in 1991, but the character was brought to life on the big screen by actor Ryan Reynolds in the 2016 blockbuster of the same name. 

It's unclear whether the Prime Minister was referring to the original cartoon character or the Reynolds version, but Cook aimed to get the Hollywood A-lister's reaction regardless by sharing the video and tagging him on Twitter. 

"When @jacindaardern says she has a crush on Deadpool, really what we all hear is Ryan Reynolds," Cook wrote. 

Reynolds is already friendly with some famous Kiwis, having worked with Hunt For The Wilderpeople star Julian Dennison on the second Deadpool film and collaboration on several projects with filmmaker Taika Waititi. 

The RNZ series gives the leaders of each political party the length of an elevator ride at Parliament's Bowen House to discuss their policies - and a few other subjects, it appears.