JK Rowling's new 'transphobic' book Troubled Blood is about a murderous man who dresses as a woman

JK Rowling's new 'transphobic' book Troubled Blood is about a murderous man who dresses as a woman
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JK Rowling's latest book is being dubbed "transphobic" over its storyline about the disappearance of a woman thought to have been murdered by a male serial killer known for dressing as a woman. 

The Harry Potter author has faced much backlash for her controversial rhetoric about transgender people, including publishing a list of reasons for being 'deeply concerned' about trans activism and education, rejecting the use of inclusive language and stating: "'Woman' is not an idea in a man's head." 

Now, an early write-up of Rowling's new crime fiction novel Troubled Blood wonders what critics of her comments will make of the book, the moral of which the reviewer claims is: "Never trust a man in a dress." 

The review, published in the Telegraph, sparked a mixed response to the concept of the book on social media, with many believing Rowling was doubling-down on her perspectives about the trans community yet again. 

Fellow writer Ugla Stefanía said Rowling had perpetuated "deeply harmful tropes" about the trans community. 

"But she doesn't care - this is deliberate. It's gross." 

Soon the hashtag #RIPJKRowling was trending on Twitter, designed to imply that the writer had killed her career by repeatedly offending so many. 

"#RIPJKRowling she [ain't] dead but her career is," one user tweeted. 

"Imagine getting cancelled so hard, we have to pretend that you died," wrote another.

Meanwhile, fans of Rowling criticised the hashtag for "wishing death" on the author, and defended her right to hold her point of view on trans issues. 

"The fact #RIPJKRowling is trending says all you need to know about the woke brigade - they're nastier and more viciously intolerant than anyone they preach about," British broadcaster Piers Morgan tweeted. 

An earlier title of Rowling's from the same crime series called The Silkworm was also accused of featuring transphobic themes, including the depiction of a trans character as "unstable and aggressive". 

Rowling has not yet publicly addressed the situation.