Kiwi teen Jawsh 685 makes the top 10 of Billboard's Global chart alongside Cardi B, Harry Styles

Polynesian music producer Jawsh 685 has made it into the top 10 of Billboard's new Global 200 chart, rubbing shoulders with names like Cardi B, Drake, The Weeknd and Harry Styles. 

Also known as Joshua Stylah, the 17-year-old beat maker's hit song 'Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)' featuring US singer Jason Derulo has nabbed the number six spot of the newly-launched chart, meant to track the most popular songs in the world. 

The Manurewa High School student is the only representative from Aotearoa, with nine of the 16 artists credited in the top 10 hailing from the US. 

The news comes off the back of the release of the official music video for 'Savage Love', which saw Jawsh 685 and his friends represent the streets of South Auckland while holding aloft the flags of Samoa and the Cook Islands. Derulo also appeared in the video, from his home city of Los Angeles, performing on the Hollywood hills. 

Jawsh 685's original 'Laxed - Siren Beat' exploded on TikTok where it became the soundtrack to a viral dance challenge, where it was discovered by Derulo. 

After creating 'Savage Love' by sampling 'Laxed' without crediting its creator or requesting permission, Derulo prompted a wave of backlash before he and Jawsh 685 were able to come to a deal to release the song together. 

Meanwhile, the producer signed a record deal with Columbia, and has recently released his second track, 'Sweet & Sour' featuring Tyga and Lauv.