Mai FM's Tegan Yorwarth breaks down discussing anxiety and depression for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mai FM's Tegan Yorwarth breaks down discussing anxiety and depression for Mental Health Awareness Week
Photo credit: Mai FM

Warning: This article discusses mental health issues. 

Mai FM host Tegan Yorwarth has shared an emotional message about her struggles with anxiety and depression with listeners as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Yorwarth spoke through tears as she explained she'd had a "really rough time this year", having been diagnosed with depression and dealing with anxiety. 

"I have high functioning anxiety," Yorwarth explained.

"So how I look on the outside - I'm outgoing, I'm punctual, high-achieving, really focused, all that stuff - but on the inside, I over think, I'm always seeking reassurance, I have a lot of negative self talk I have repetitive habits." 

One third of the Mai Mornings Crew, Yorwarth said that navigating mental health issues can be particularly difficult in a job where you're "constantly having to 'put it on'". 

"I love my job and there are parts of my life that I really enjoy, so it's hard to sometimes then go: 'But actually I'm having a really rough time'. 

"Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed and sometimes it's hard to get motivated, and sometimes I don't want to be around." 

The broadcaster added she hoped opening up the korero about mental health could normalise the conversation for other people. 

"I hope that us opening up the korero and talking about it a bit more maybe normalises the conversation for other people. 

"I just really want to push the message that you need to talk to people, you need to keep people around you that support you and let you have those conversations," she said. 

"Sometimes, it's not even about giving advice, it's just about hearing someone out. Even your strongest most outgoing friends are the ones going through it. 

"Keep an eye out for your friends, and if you're the person that's having bad thoughts, never feel bad about talking to someone or asking for help." 

Yorwarth's co-hosts Nickson Clark and Jordan River both told her she was "so brave" for opening up about a difficult subject.

"We tautoko what you've just done there," River said. "Just to say what you just did, to not censor yourself, just to actually talk through your feelings is what people need to hear." 

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