Savage Love: Kiwi teen Jawsh 685 represents Manurewa in music video with Jason Derulo

Kiwi teen producer Jawsh 685 and his friends play a starring role in the official music video for 'Savage Love', his hit song with US pop star Jason Derulo. 

The video features both the streets of the Auckland suburb of Manurewa and Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills as the musical collaborators perform to the chart-topping track. 

The Manurewa High School student and his mates dance against the backdrop of the neighborhood, surrounded by cars mounted with huge speakers and even throwing a party in what appears to be a fish and chip shop, armed with milkshakes. 

At one point the 17-year-old producer and his crew hold aloft the flags of the Cook Islands and Samoa, in between performing choreography from the TikTok dance craze that made Jawsh 685's original 'Laxed' siren beat famous and caught the attention of Derulo earlier this year.

In stark contrast, Derulo's scenes see him perform on a rooftop helicopter pad, on the Hollywood Hills and on a more traditional music video set surrounded by twerking back up dancers. 

Derulo and Jawsh 685 buried the hatchet when they released 'Savage Love' as an official collaboration in June, with Derulo having previously come under fire for using Jawsh 685's beat without permission or credit. 

Jawsh 685 previously said the pair had "unfinished business" having "never come to a deal" regarding his siren beat song, but the pair put the drama to rest when they announced they were moving "onwards and upwards" to drop the track together. 

While a resolution was in the works behind-the-scenes, the high schooler's success caught the attention of Columbia Records, who signed him to a record deal. Last week, Jawsh 685 teamed up with two more international music stars - Lauv and Tyga - to release his latest track 'Sweet & Sour'.