The Block Australia stars reveal ridiculous ways they blew $200k prize money in two years

Two winners of The Block Australia have revealed the reckless spending that saw them blow their entire $209,000 prize in just two years. 

Jess Eva and Norm Hogan - winners of the DIY reality show in 2018 - said above-ground swimming pools, gambling on sport and helping out their friends meant they're now left with nothing. 

Speaking on her show at Aussie radio station Triple M, Eva admitted "it's all gone", before recounting the details of their spending spree, which she says started with the purchase of two above-ground swimming pools. 

"We handed them out to our friends like lollies," she said. 

"We just had friends who had been wanting a pool for ages... They're $5000 each, so there's $10,000," she said.

The couple also lost "thousands" betting on a tennis match between Maria Sharapova and Ash Barty, which Sharapova lost. 

"She won the first set, and me and Norm were like, 'You little beauty,' because we were gonna win about 12 grand," Eva explained. 

"She lost the second set and I'll never forget Norm's look across our outdoor setting. He just had tears in his eyes. I had tears in my eyes, like, 'What have we done?'"

The Block Australia stars reveal ridiculous ways they blew $200k prize money in two years
Photo credit: Channel 9

At one stage, the pair sent money to a stranger they came across on Facebook who couldn't pay their rent, and also paid off a friend's car loan. 

"When we got home, we felt guilty that we had won all this money and felt a lot happier having fun and sharing it with our friends," Eva said. 

The couple also purchased a block of land on Brisbane's Russell Island, but soon sold it again.

"We've never had money before and so you get a bit starstruck when you see all those zeros in your account," Eva explained. 

"[If we won money again], we would be far most responsible and we would use it as a deposit for another house." 

"You feel like you've got nothing to lose, but when you've got it and you lose it, you realise how important that opportunity was."