The Rock's Roger Farrelly and Andrew Mulligan reveal how they've dealt with depression

Warning: This article discusses mental health and depression. 

The Rock FM hosts Roger Farrelly and Andrew Mulligan have revealed the ways they've learned to deal with depression in a discussion prompted by Mental Health Awareness Week. 

The Morning Rumble broadcasters both opened up about coping with their darkest moments, urging listeners to reach out to loved ones and seek professional help if they were feeling down. 

"Sometimes I am so dark, and [my wife] can't understand what's wrong with me," Farrelly said. 

"She goes: 'Your life's amazing' and I go: 'I know it is' but sometimes, you just feel as though there's nothing to look forward to, for me. And I don't know why, because there is. But that's the way I get." 

Farrelly said that he eventually went to speak to a mental health professional, telling listeners: "There's no point bottling it up, there's no point thinking it's going to go away, because it doesn't. It might temporarily but then it comes back."  

"Seeing someone [a counsellor/therapist] is just like opening a door. And then you open another door, and another door, and you'll definitely feel better than you did before." 

Mulligan said that for him, it took his father's death to help him realise what he needed to do to take care of his mental health. 

"Just be aware of the intricate personal relationships you have with those close to you, and how you can be not just a better friend or person, but even a better father, by just making sure you are present and connected," Mulligan said. 

"Rather than going: 'I'm just going to withdraw, and I'm going to just stew on my own thoughts', which is not the right way of dealing with things." 

Earlier this year, The Rock's Morning Rumble show raised $231,780 for mental health charity I Am Hope with a 24-hour-long darts game. The funds equated to 1810 free counselling sessions for young Kiwis struggling with their mental health. 

Where to find help and support: