Call for United Kingdom to have nationwide poll on who should succeed Queen

Who would you prefer?
Who would you prefer? Photo credit: Getty.

The head of a British organisation calling for the monarchy to be abolished wants Brits to vote on who their head of state will be after the Queen's demise. 

Republic advocates for the Queen to be replaced with an "elected, democratic head of state", someone chosen by the people rather than an individual who gains power through birth-right.

Speaking to, chief executive Graham Smith said polling showed Brits didn't have an overwhelming preference for who they wanted to succeed Queen Elizabeth II. 

The current line of succession would see Prince Charles, 71, become King when the Queen dies, but there has long been speculation that his son, Prince William, 38, might take on the role due to Charles' age and relative lack of popularity. Charles is the oldest and longest-serving heir apparent in British history. 

Smith said it should be up to the public. 

"Clearly, there is a division of opinion and if you want to have a choice of who it is going to be you cannot just pick between two royals," he said. 

"You must have a vote, that is called a republic. It is time to scrap the whole lot and let the British people vote for the next head of state rather than us being told we are going to be spectators that just have to like it or lump it when Charles takes the throne." 

Express said Smith didn't provide any details about the polling he referred to. Several polls published by British tabloids over recent years show William is preferred to Charles.

A 2017 poll commissioned for The Sun found 51 percent of Brits want William to follow the Queen compared to 22 percent who back Charles. It found 11 percent wanted Harry to become king - that's before the Megxit drama which saw him scurry off to the US.

A poll for The Independent in January 2019 found 46 percent of Brits want Charles to abdicate the throne immediately after he takes charge to allow William to reign.

At the age of 94, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest monarch Britain has ever had. She's also the longest-reigning monarch in the kingdom's history, having had her coronation in 1953. 

Whoever succeeds the Queen will also become New Zealand's head of state.