Comedian Alex 'Shooter' Williamson almost glassed after trying to kick heckler in face, ordering him to leave mid-show

Footage of a brutal altercation between Australian comedian Alex 'Shooter' Williamson and a member of the audience at one of his shows has gone viral. 

In the clip, Williamson - dubbed 'Australia's loosest bloke' - takes issue with a man in the crowd who he claims was "talking about his Jameson" during his set. 

"You were raised like a c**t. I am glad [your parents] are f**king dead so they didn't have to see their son evolve into such a f**king useless sack of shit," Williamson can be heard saying to the unknown man. 

The audience member responded that he hadn't laughed at all during the show. 

"Get the f**k out c**t," Williamson replied, saying his brand of comedy was over the man's head before walking over and kicking the table of the man repeatedly 

"You open your mouth, you pay the f**king price, c**t," he continued, still lashing out. 

The heckler appeared to grab a chair at one point, with other audience members intervening to keep the two apart. 

A second video showed Williamson dodging three glasses that were hurled at him while he stood on stage, apparently thrown by the angry audience member. 

A day ago, Williamson shared a message about his mental health on Instagram, saying there had been "lots of things at play below the surface over the last two weeks" as he underwent an "episode". 

"If you see the same darkness I saw, I encourage you to speak to a loved one. A friend. A medical professional. Hell, even a dog. Because it's lonely out there," he wrote.