Ed Sheeran's manager calls Princess Beatrice an 'idiot' for allegedly slicing singer's face open with sword

Ed Sheeran's manager Stuart Camp has spoken out about an incident which saw the 'Thinking Out Loud' singer's face sliced open with a sword at a royal shindig in 2016. 

While neither Buckingham Palace nor Sheeran's spokespeople have ever officially confirmed what happened, it's widely believed that Princess Beatrice accidentally cut Sheeran below the eye with a heavy sword while pretending to knight James Blunt. 

Now Camp has spoken out, telling The Telegraph he got "quite protective" about the incident at the time. 

"Certain people said, 'Oh, you should lie and say it wasn't her and say it was someone else'. I said, 'Well, we're not telling anyone anything'," Camp explained. 

"I'm not lying, just because someone's a f**king idiot. Because they're thinking, 'Yeah, I will get paralytic and take a sword off the wall'. You're just asking for trouble," he said. 

Camp also claimed he and Sheeran hadn't heard "hide nor hair from her since". 

In a report from The Sun at the time of the incident, a source claimed Beatrice "was in great form" when she held a sword above Blunt during the party and said "Arise, Sir James," before misjudging the weight and swinging the weapon back, where it hit Sheeran, who was standing behind her. 

"The blade cut into his face and it was just a few inches from his right eye," the source said. 

"A couple of the guests said it could have been worse and he could have been blinded but Ed really played it down. Everyone was totally shocked and apparently Beatrice was very upset."