'I'm really suffering': Jay-Jay Feeney off-air at More FM again, 'scared' she won't recover from vertigo issues

  • 02/10/2020

More FM radio host Jay-Jay Feeney has given fans an emotional update on her health, as she has once again been forced to take time off-air due to vertigo. 

"I'm really suffering," Feeney explained on her Instagram page, describing vertigo as "extreme dizziness". 

The broadcaster said she had recently been at a physio appointment when she had a bad turn which left her "so unwell". 

"I could barely walk. I definitely couldn't drive home," she said. 

Feeney said that she called her ex-husband, fellow radio host Dom Harvey, who was out running at the time. 

"He ran to where I was and drove me home," she said. In another post uploaded to her Instagram story, Feeney dubbed Harvey - who she split from after 18 years together in 2017 - "the best ex-husband ever". 

Feeney said her on-again-off-again battle with the condition was "debilitating", explaining: "I don't have the energy to do anything, I can't move quickly and it's just awful." 

"And I'm scared," she added. "I'm scared that's it's not going to go away." 

The afternoon radio host said that she was planning to see an ENT specialist to assess the cause of the vertigo and investigate what else could be done. 

In the meantime, Feeney's friends and fans sent their well-wishes via the comments section. 

"I hope you get some relief real soon! Sounds really hard to deal with," one Instagram user wrote. 

"Poor you Jay-Jay. That sounds so terrible. Hope the ENT has some solutions!" said another. 

A third commented on how "fabulous and rare" it was that Feeney was able to call on her ex-husband to come and help her during a time of need. 

"That is a great friendship," they said.