'Incredibly irresponsible': Lana Del Ray prompts outrage with mesh face mask at book signing

Lana Del Ray has infuriated her own fans by wearing a mesh, sparkly face mask at a meet and greet event with fans in Los Angeles. 

The 'Summertime Sadness' singer took selfies with fans and signed copies of her new poetry book during the event, which prompted outrage when photos began appearing online. 

"Why is she at an event with a bunch of people wearing a mesh mask?" one fan tweeted. "I love Lana but this is incredibly irresponsible." 

"My love and admiration for her is beyond but I cannot understand why she is doing this? She is giving a wrong message about proper use of mask," said another. 

The rhinestone-encrusted fishnet mask is almost identical to one worn by Del Ray on a recent cover of Interview Magazine, which was also criticised online. 

"WEAR A REAL MASK, SELFISH," one fan responded to the cover on Twitter.

"Lana Del Ray is just one of the many idiots who cares more about looking fashionable in a face mask than protecting themselves/others from the f**king virus," said another. 

One fan who claimed they had previously suffered COVID-19 said Del Ray's mask was "a slap in the face". 

"I spent 28 days at home and unable to work because I got COVID. I have four weeks of lost income and had to postpone nursing school. I need to see a cardiologist tomorrow from COVID complications. This mesh mask literally breaks my heart," they wrote. 

Del Ray has not publicly addressed the situation. A video of her inviting fans to come and find her at the book signing event while wearing the controversial mask remains live on her Instagram page.