Kat Dennings appeals for a Kiwi to marry her so she can get New Zealand citizenship

Star of Two Broke Girls Kat Dennings has declared her desire to become a New Zealand citizen, appealing for a Kiwi to marry her to help her get into the country. 

One of several celebrities who has spoken up about moving down under, Dennings tweeted her idea amid a flurry of posts blasting Donald Trump in the run up to the US election. 

"But seriously, who in New Zealand will enter into a loveless marriage with me for citizenship?" she asked. 

In other tweets around the same time, Dennings appeared to refer to Trump as "a deranged circus peanut" who she was "losing sleep over". 

She also called the former reality TV star and current US President a "crazy person" with reference to his tweet announcing he was leaving hospital after contracting coronavirus, telling Americans: "Don't be afraid of COVID". 

Many Kiwis seemed eager to take Dennings up on her offer, or at least were able to offer some alternative ways to settle in Aotearoa. 

"I would volunteer but that might upset my husband somewhat," one person tweeted. 

"Hit up James Cameron for a role in Avatar sequels and fall for someone while you're here?" 

"Come on over girl, I'll pick you up at the airport," said another. 

Last week, John Lennon's son Sean Ono Lennon also enquired about obtaining New Zealand citizenship shortly after the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which was widely criticised for its lack of decorum as the 74-year-old and 77-year-old men bickered.