'Masterclass': Jake Tapper, Piers Morgan, Glenn Greenwald among international journalists applauding Tova O'Brien's Jami-Lee Ross interview

Newshub political editor Tova O'Brien's latest and probably last interview with disgraced former National MP Jami-Lee Ross is being widely shared online and praised by international journalists.

In the Newshub Nation interview, the ex-politician is held to account for his role in spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic this year alongside his Advance NZ co-leader Billy Te Kahika.

CNN's Jake Tapper, Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan, The Guardian's Owen Jones and The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald are among those celebrating the interview on Twitter, where it has been viewed around 7 million times in less than 24 hours.

"An absolute masterclass in interviewing a politician by New Zealand's @TovaOBrien - one of the best interviews of a politician I've seen. Also one of the most entertaining," tweeted Greenwald.

"This is @TovaOBrien and she has some fans in the US!" said Tapper.

Morgan simply retweeted the interview with one word: "Fabulous".

"One of the most amazingly savage interviews you'll ever watch," Jones said in a tweet.

New York University professor of journalism Jay Rosen also praised the interview, as one of many American commentators expressing a desire for US political interviews to be more like O'Brien's.

"On the righteous pleasure scale this rates a 10 of 10. You will want to watch this New Zealand journalist 'grill' an alt right politician the way it should be done," said Rosen.

"It's not only that she grills the politician in a different (and better) way, it's also that the grillee calmly expects and accepts this treatment, rather than talking over her, throwing a tantrum, walking out."

Other people praising the interview include US comedian Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump's niece.

"American media, take note: This is what's possible when an interviewer couldn't care less if a guest ever comes back on her show," tweeted Mary L Trump.

"Get ready to fall in love," added Griffin.

O'Brien responded to the Twitter reaction on Monday morning with a simple message.

"Whoa! That's quite something to wake up to," she tweeted.