Prince Harry, Meghan's popularity tanks in latest survey, but stays above Prince Andrew's

Here's the royal family's latest favourability scores.
Here's the royal family's latest favourability scores. Photo credit: Getty.

Royal renegades Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have seen their popularity drop to their lowest-ever levels according to a new poll - but there is one royal even less popular than they are. 

New data from British polling company YouGov shows that Prince Harry is dividing opinion amongst Brits.

The survey of 1626 adults between October 2 and 4 found 48 percent think positively of him and 47 percent have a negative opinion, giving the prince a net-favourability score of just 1. 

That's down a massive 19 percentage points from March. Since then, the Queen's grandson has officially stepped back from his royal duties but hasn't stayed out of the spotlight. He and his wife spoke up about matters relating to the US election.

Their remarks, such as calling out hate speech and urging people to vote, have been compared to electoral interference by some, including a Republican politician and broadcaster Piers Morgan.

But it's not just Harry's favourability which has sunk.

Markle's has tanked 18 points since March. She evokes a positive response from just 33 percent of UK adults compared to the 59 percent who aren't fans. That gives her a net-favourability score of -26. 

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are popular among younger Britons, however, with Harry and Meghan carrying net scores of 28 and 20 respectively among adults aged 18 to 24. Among adults aged over 65 Harry and Meghan have net scores of -45 and -66 respectively," YouGov says. 

For comparison, when Meghan's popularity first began being tracked in 2017, she had a score in the 30s. Harry's favourability has dropped from north of 60 in 2012. 

But while the public's opinion of the pair - who caused unprecedented drama and upheaval earlier this year with their decision to leave the UK and The Firm for a life in the US - continues to sour, Prince Andrew is even less popular.

Just 7 percent of Brits have a positive view of Prince Andrew compared to 80 percent who think unfavourably of him. That leaves him with a dire score of -73, down 2 points on March. 

The Queen's son's favourability has plummeted over the last year as news broke of his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Despite the obvious dislike Brits have for him, Prince Andrew was back in the news this week with reports he is plotting a return to public life. He stood down from his duties last November after a disastrous interview about Epstein.

The bad press for Harry, Meghan and Andrew has not, however, tarnished the reputation the monarch.

The YouGov survey found the Queen's popularity remains fairly stable with a net-favourability score of 71. That's up 2 points since March and roughly the same as it was in 2012. 

The Queen this year hasn't taken part in as many events as usual due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, her national address at the height of the first wave was widely applauded. 

The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, has seen his popularity rise 3 points to a score of 28. 

"Contrary to public opinion of Harry and Meghan, older Brits tend to carry a more positive opinion of the Queen and Prince Philip. Among Britons over 65, the Queen carries a net score of 88, compared to 45 among adults aged from 18 to 24," YouGov says.

"The same pattern is revealed for Prince Philip, who holds a net favourability score of 52 among brits aged over 65, and just 15 among adults under 25."

Prince William and Kate Middleton also remain hugely popular. William's score is down slightly from 69 in March to 65 in October, while his wife's is up from 57 in March to 62 this month.

The next in line for the throne, Prince Charles, has seen a decrease in favourability over the COVID-19 lockdown. He's dropped from a net-favourability score of 31 in March to 24 this month. Camilla's score is also down slightly, sitting the same as Prince Harry's on just 1.