Review: Monsoon is a gentle, nuanced and meditative story

For those of you in the mood for some non-election-based entertainment this weekend there are several options at your local cinema. Here's the latest on offer - Monsoon.

From up-and-coming British/Cambodian filmmaker Hong Khaou comes a beautifully rendered story called Monsoon.

Sit back and allow the measured delicate rhythm of this film to take hold as we follow Vietnamese-born Kit (Henry Golding) return to Saigon for the first time since he was a child.

As he reconnects with family there, he asks for their help to find somewhere in Vietnam to scatter their ashes. But what he's really asking for is their help finding himself.

A huge part of that journey is Lewis, an American living in Vietnam. Their growing relationship reflects Kit's increasing vulnerability and through these excellent performances and the grace with which their story is shot and told makes Monsoon such a rewarding experience.

Golding proves he is so much more than just Crazy Rich Asians in this gentle, nuanced and meditative story of cultural and emotional disconnection.

Please see it on the big screen if you can.

Four stars.