Rose Matafeo reveals how her Baby Done co-star Matthew Lewis helped her prepare for her first leading movie role

New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo has her first big screen leading role in cinemas right now, in a film produced by Oscar-Winner Taika Waititi.

Matafeo plays a pregnant arborist called Zoe in Baby Done, opposite Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis who plays soon-to-be baby-daddy Tim. 

One of these is not like the other, however. Tim is all about the whole 'becoming a dad' thing, but Zoe on being a mum?  Yeah, nah.

I managed to sneak my way onto the set of Baby Done in Auckland last summer to watch them all at work. The film is based on the true story of writer and director Sophie Henderson and Curtis Vowell, and if the on-screen giggles of Matafeo and Lewis connect with audiences as much as their off-screen chemistry did with me, then Baby Done is a cinch!

As she slouched in her chair, hand resting on her fake baby belly, it was pretty clear to me this film was a labour (cough, cough) of love for Matafeo.  

Once thing that became even more clear is that she's way more comfortable up a tree wearing a fake belly than with the label 'lead actress'.  But when she confessed the whole experience was quite frankly "terrifying", her co-star totally had her back. 

"She's a natural," said Lewis.  

And he's right of course. In reality, she totally aces this whole 'lead role' situation. She's helped by the fact that not only is her character with child, she's also with Neville (Longbottom, that is) - a seasoned Harry Potter alum by her side all the way.

So did Lewis have any words of advice for the newbie? Definitely, Matafeo said. 

"You had so much advice for me….you told me about Michael Caine!" she told Lewis. 

Yep, Sir Michael Caine that is. Lewis sat her down to watch Caine's online acting masterclasses, a mutually beneficial experience by all accounts. With that top-class acting inspiration from both Caine and Lewis, it makes sense that not only does Rose bring plenty of real belly laughs (not fake ones) to the big screen, but also a tonne of real heart.  

She makes for a pretty good on-screen mum and whether she likes it or not, a great leading lady. 

Baby Done is in New Zealand cinemas now.