Aotearoa Music Awards 2020: Jawsh 685 defines 'staying stylah', shows off his Tui trophies

The 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards was a night of firsts for Manurewa High School Student Jawsh 685, AKA Joshua Stylah. It was his first big performance, first time on the music awards red carpet, and the first time he took home two coveted Tuis for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and an International Achievement award.

"It's just a big blessing having these trophies," Jawsh told Newshub after his wins, still buzzing on the adrenaline of performing his hit song 'Savage Love - Laxed (Siren Beat)' to a packed Spark Arena, flanked by his entourage of mates and dancers.

It's kind of a wonder anyone got to hear the song, actually, considering the eardrum-rupturing screams and thunderous applause that filled the stadium at the mere mention of the beatmaker's name.  

"Coming out, I didn’t expect much of a big cheer... and then boom!" he said of the response, which came largely from a pack of Manurewa High students, who provided what was clearly the biggest cheer of the night. 

"I don't like brag, but yeah, that's what happened," Jawsh humbly agreed. 

The 18-year-old surprised the crowd by playing the guitar, which he revealed was the first instrument he ever picked up before learning how to make music on his computer. 

Still, Jawsh was adamant his performance wouldn't have been nearly as good if he was out there alone. 

"Having them there was like building up my confidence a lot," he said. 

"I just went out and gave my full energy to the audience and all that." 

Watch the video above to see Jawsh 685 bask in the glory of his AMA wins and explain what "staying stylah" really means.