Britney Spears breaks silence on #FreeBritney rumors, gives mental health update

Britney Spears has finally addressed the speculation about her mental health and living situation in a message to her concerned fans. 

The 'Toxic' singer reappeared on Instagram after a lengthy period offline, which had already concerned followers in a frenzy. 

"Hi. So I know that there have been a lot of comments and a lot of people saying a lot of different things about me, but I just want to let you guys know that I am fine," Spears says in the clip. 

The 38-year-old pop star appears to be referring to the #FreeBritney movement, which alleges she's being manipulated and held against her will under her father's conservatorship

"I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life," Spears continued. 

"I'm sending all of you guys a lot of prayers, wishes and a lot of love." 

The mother-of-two's social media presence has long been causing concern for her mental health, with Instagram users claiming her content showcases erratic behaviour, troubling mannerisms and is often nonsensical. Some even suggested the Grammy winner was sending subliminal messages asking for help. 

While fans have been puzzled by her posts, Spears has also been embroiled in a legal battle against the conservatorship led by her father, which was implemented after the singer suffered a series of public breakdowns in 2008. 

Spears recently won the right to expand her legal team after a petition request was granted. 

Not long after sharing the update video, Spears followed up with one of her trademark dancing videos, along with a caption which urged: "Live and express your body any way you want!"