Chrissy Teigen cuddles into mother, daughter, recalls 'hardest 4 days' of her life

Chrissy Teigen has revealed she went through "the hardest four days" of her life in an emotionally-charged Instagram post, the latest in a string of fiercely candid admissions about the trauma of miscarrying her son.

"One day I will tell you the recent story of the hardest four days of my life. For now, here's me needing my mommy," the 34-year-old model and entrepreneur shared to her 33 million Instagram followers, alongside a photo of her cuddling with her mother and young daughter, Luna.

Teigan was pictured cuddling her mother, Vilailuck, with four-year-old Luna snuggling into her side. 

She and her husband, R&B singer John Legend, lost their unborn son Jack in September, the 34-year-old forced to deliver at 20 weeks gestation. Since then, the couple have candidly documented the grieving process for their fans via social media. 

Teigen has previously shared a photo of Jack's ashes to the platform, writing that the family household is "very open" about life, death and grief.

"We try to explain things well and answer every question imaginable in a beautiful, spiritual but literal way." 

Teigen and Legend, parents to Luna and Miles, recently celebrated President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the landmark November election with a drive through West Hollywood, following days of painstaking ballot-counting.